FISA, occupies a total of 12,925 m2, of which 5,765 are built up. The installations include a main workshop and two auxiliary workshops, distributed as follows:

Main workshop
3.100 m2 28,00 m
13,80 m
Auxiliary workshop 1
850 m2 10,25 m
13,35 m
Auxiliary workshop 2
1.365 m2 12,25 m
13,60 m
Offices and service areas
450 m2


Melting(Click para ampliar) Melting

The melting plant comprising two 1,500 Kw, 250 Hz and 12-pulse MFTGe 3000 type, medium frequency electric Junker furnaces , with a production of 2.6 T/Hour.

The combination of both furnaces enables us to melt parts with unit weights between 1 and 6,000 Kg.

Mechanical moulding

Mechanical moulding
Mechanical moulding(Click para ampliar) Mechanical moulding


By means of green-sand impact and pressing at automatic installations using BMM WESTON moulding machines.

  • Chase - 1,610 x 940 x 280/280 mm.
  • Chase - 1,380 x 920 x 190/190 mm.
  • Chase - 1,000 x 900 x 300/300 mm.

Manual moulding

By means of cold-blended furanic resins that are appropriate for many components of different sizes and configurations.

For the latter, we operate a section equipped with two 24 T/hour (Omega) and 12 T/hour (Sidder-Progetti) mixers, respectively.

IMF sand recovery installation with a capacity for 12 T/hour, comprising a 3x4 m demoulding unit, cooler classifier, cooling unit and storage silos.

Sand unit

Automatic plant with a capacity of 60 T/Hour comprising a powerband for collecting metallic particles, male core separation trommel, Urbar HH 160/500 cooler, Eirich RV 24 mixer and storage silos.


MEBUSA sandblast unit equipped with two suspended part-holding hooks as well as rotary and swaying movement.

Shot-blasting cabin as well as fixed and portable grinders.


Wooden, aluminium, resin or expanded polystyrene models (for the production of single parts) can be provided by customers or built by co-operating workshops under the supervision of the foundry.